Why liberal women are cancerous to men.

Why liberal women are cancerous to men.

It doesn't take a genius to figure out what the title means. Liberal women are the reason America faces the crisis we have regarding a lack of masculinity in this country. How do I know? 

Let's take a look at these two sweethearts. Carson and his girlfriend Claudia Morales sat at a bus stop at 4am in NY. What man in his right mind that knows he cannot carry a firearm would ever think it to be a good idea to sit alone at a bus stop during that time of the evening? An ignorant one that has been sheltered in his thinking to believing that all human beings are good. What happens? He gets stabbed multiple times by a black man and dies right there on the sidewalk. No situational awareness or common sense. 

Sleepy time gummies that come with a 100% money back guarantee.


Did I mention these two are antifa members that support defunding the police? So, when I say liberal women are the cancer that is killing America, take one look at the drag time for children's performances and see who is in the crowd. Every single time, it's unattractive white liberal women and the few men that attend are usually beside them hoping to get their penis's touched by these cave trolls.

Beta men that have no backbone to stand up for themselves, much less be an actual leader, follow behind these harpies because the idea of having someone love them for being so weak appeals to them. It requires no effort. They can let their woman wear the pants in the relationship and be perfectly ok with it. As we know, liberal women are the most intelligent ones out there. In fact, they're probably the dumbest class of Americans we have right now. This is also why liberal women fully buy in to these ignorant causes like BLM and ACAB. They're easily manipulated into supported causes rooted in emotion vs fact and logic, and they drag their effeminate men right behind them as they nod and say "Yes Dear."



So this NYC "poet" gets stabbed three times and killed while his girlfriend stands on and watches, not doing anything to help. she literally just watches from the sideline and stares on as he bleeds out on the sidewalk. What kind of partner does that? What kind of woman that pledges to be by her man's side does literally nothing while her man dies in front of her.



Gentlemen, stay away from liberal women. They aren't loyal. They are -far- from resembling anything or anyone remotely intelligent. They're annoyances that have very little introspect and usually come from a family without a father, or with a father who lets his wife walk all over him. Do not date these women. Do not marry these women. They should be left alone to die from depression and old age in their houses that reek of cat piss. They've destroyed America by attacking the masculinity that made it great. It's they're fault and they should be treated like plague rats.

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💯💯💯….I could not agree more! The irony of him being killed by a black man is astounding, given the social views of him and his so called “girlfriend”

Joe Giunta

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