Where does the House GOP go from here?

Where does the House GOP go from here?

As it stands, Speaker Pro Tem Patrick McHenry (R-N.C) who has replaced Kevin McCarthy called for the house to take a week recess. What does this mean? House GOP members will meet Tuesday of next week to discuss who they intend to put forward as the party's new GOP House speaker. If they can come to an agreement, the vote will be taken on the House floor Wednesday of next week.  



The situation they face is as follows; the House GOP -must- be united behind whomever it is the House GOP suggest. There can be no one within the GOP that votes for anyone else. Already Ohio Rep Jim Jordan and Louisiana Rep Steve Scalise have already thrown their proverbial hats into the arena. Representative Margerie Taylor Greene from Georgia has also nominated former president Donald Trump as a potential speaker. 


House Democrats with vote unanimously for a speaker that is more moderate, so unless the entirety of the House members vote unanimously, House Democrats will have a major deciding factor in whom they want to see as the new House Speaker.  

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