Trump's Truth Social continues to plummet. Why?

Trump's Truth Social continues to plummet. Why?

Donald Trump's Truth Social was once hailed as the last bastion for free speech. A failed launch that left millions on a wait list to get in began turning people off to the platform within days of its launch. From being a buggy platform, to not giving accurate feedback to the public, users began to give up on the app. 

Then the app began to slowly be fixed, but what the app owners did wrong was make the same mistakes Parlor made. They elevated the Trump loyalist accounts through features such as verification and more. Their followers grew quickly and all of them were screaming the same name, Trump. 

The one thing Trump did not bank on was Elon buying twitter and converting it into a more competitive platform. Suddenly, everyone that had become fed up with the echo chamber that Truth Social had become reverted back to the newly owned twitter. That left TS to be a Trump only platform that has continued its downward fall ever since. 

Now let's review the numbers that showcase this mishandling of Truth Social according to the SEC filings. As reported by the SEC, according to his filings, Trump Media and Technology Group (TMTG), Truth Social's parent company, lost $50 million in the fiscal year ending Dec. 2022 and $23 million in the first half of 2023. This information come as TMTG has been trying to go public with a merger with a special purpose acquisition company.

Continue to keep an eye on TS being as it stands, it will not last much longer being ad-spend on the platform will begin to dry up from companies seeing the lack of activity from non-purchase demographics. 


Listen to a more in depth talk on this on John Burk's Podcast here: Ben Shapiro goes after Candace Owens. (

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