Neocon Nikki calls for no more social media anonymity.

Neocon Nikki calls for no more social media anonymity.

Nikki Haley, in a Fox news interview, called for anonymous accounts on social media to no longer be allowed. There's just one problem, well, there's several actually but we will stick the main one; what business is it of the government to involve itself with the free market, specifically twitter which is privately owned?

Another problem with what Haley is calling for is combated by the example a very famous author did regarding his newspaper; it was called the Pennsylvania GazetteIn the Gazette, there was an anonymous author who penned many articles centered around freedom, liberty, and much more. His actual name? Benjamin Franklin.


The ideas of Iranian and Russian trolls on the social media spaces can be repugnant to those tired of the incessant propaganda, but rarely do the Nikki types ever refer back to the use of anonymous names that promote good ideas. We must take these ideas and apply them equally to both sides. With the good, almost always comes the bad. With guns comes gun crime, but do we now eliminate guns? With driving comes drunk driving, so do we now eliminate driving for everyone?

So once more, Neocon Nikki advocates for more "big brother" styled oversight. She claimed it's to make people accountable for their words, but as we have seen with the crack downs on free speech around the world, it is never a good idea for the government to regulate anything. 

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The LAST thing we need is more government attempting to quell “mean people” 🙄 If they would stay out of it, the rest of the internet would just handle it if the ideas spouted were disliked enough by a majority of humans. These people need to find a real purpose in their life – and controlling what people say isn’t it.


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