MAGA influencers sloganize "Christ is King" as a cudgel.

MAGA influencers sloganize "Christ is King" as a cudgel.

When you think human beings can't go any lower, there's the MAGA influencer class that says "Hold my cofveve." Cue Candace Owens. The Daily Wire employee has drawn criticisms over the last month for her milquetoast stance on the Israel vs Hamas. 

Owens kicked off the criticisms with her tweet saying that no government has the right to commit genocide. This came on the heels of Palestinian protestors taking to the streets of America and condemning Israel of committing genocidal acts towards Palestine. 

Her positioning was supposedly misunderstood by many, to include the likes of Dave Rubin (supposedly), that they thought she was making such a statement in leu of the growing accusations of genocide towards Israel as if she herself was in support of said accusations. So much in fact, twitter pundits disagreed with her. Owens then played the "If a blanketed statement that genocide is wrong offends you in any way, then you need to check yourself" card, as if to say her posting about genocide at the exact time it was the main topic of discussion in all political circles was just a coincidence. Sure it was -wink-. 

Owens then goes on to conduct an interview with Jewish comedian Ami Kozak to where she makes an accusation regarding the "Muslim quarter" in Israel seems to be, well, watch below for yourself. 

She was quickly corrected by Ami Kozak that the Muslim community in Israel lived in the Muslim quarter by choice. “There’s an Armenian quarter. It’s not saying the Armenians can only live here, it’s that there are communities just like there’s a Jewish community in Jersey here and there’s a Muslim community here,” Kozak says. Candace was now made to look like she was making accusations without knowing what was really going on in Israel. 

We fast forward now to where in light of all of this talk about where Owens stands, she proceeds once more to tweet out a bible quote completely out of the blue regarding "Blessed are the peacemakers". 

Not a controversial scriptural quote, right? Ben Shapiro responded to her tweet after finally having enough of Owen's subtle siding against Israel. 

Owens responded below. Note how she accused Shapiro of making his issue about her quoting scripture. It wasn't. Shapiro said nothing about her quoting scripture, but it was more geared to the -why- she quoted -that- scripture now of all times. 

Owens then attempts to shift the argument from her being accused of giving nods to the genocide accusations levied at Israel, to "I was just quoting scripture."


Yet nowhere di Shapiro make it about quoting scripture. And here is where the TPUSA team come out in full force to show their true colors. Note the "Christ is King" catchphrase she adds to the bottom? Soon, her other TPUSA favorites come out tweeting the same thing, as if to show they are standing in unison with this poor unfairly treated Christian woman at the hands of her Jewish boss. 

It's also interesting to note that prior to Owens posting her new catchphrase, she'd only posted anything similar to that once before. Not exactly something she's repeated over and over on her platform. Again, another conveniently placed statement to shield herself from the criticisms she'd been receiving from people of all faiths. 

And sure enough, in come Charlie Kirk to try to muddy the waters and deter the conversation away from Owens possibly siding with Palestine over Israel, to her now being a supposed victim because of her "faith". 

Kirk clearly shows his intentional bad faith argumentative tactic here to take the side of his once employee for Turning Point. As to be expected, MAGA influencers like Elijah Schaffer, who was fired from Blaze Media for sexual assault accusations, then shifted the argument even further. It devolved into the anti-maga crowd now stood against Christianity. 

The supposed juxtaposition of MAGA vs other conservatives that disagreed with Owens for her tweets now indicates, according to Schaffer, that anyone who disagrees must not be for actual Christianity. 

Welcome to 2023, folks. It's going to get a lot dumber before it gets any better.

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