Leave Israel alone.

Leave Israel alone.

Leave Israel alone? Why? Because America does not need to be involving itself in these middle eastern conflicts where we clearly have shown that our own government isn't effect at winning wars. We also do not seem to have learned from our recent past involving fear mongering our way into endless wars and nation building. 

The Israel Hamas war is between them, not us. Israel is more than capable of going into Gaza and dealing with Islamic terrorists the way they should be dealt with; door to door capture or kill. America is too weak. Our civilians would be screaming at the sky the moment we kicked down a door or called in an air strike on a house where terrorists were holed up in using civilians as human shields. 


Hamas is known for their commitment to propagandizing every skirmish to paint Israel as the aggressors. Hamas murdered men, women, and children in old blood. They've burned Jews alive, kidnapped babies, and even went so far as to literally call the mother of two captured twin girls and harass her. 


How should Israel handle this? However the hell they see fit. Me personally, I couldn't care less if they turn the entire Gaza strip into a parking lot and then build a synagogue top it. Weak minds that say complete destruction isn't the answer have never dealt with Muslim extremists. They train their children to hate you. To wish death on you. There is no negotiating with a religion that wants you dead for not believing the way they believe. 



America needs to sit this one out because again, we've shown for 20 years how progressive policies are worthless and these weak-minded types don't have a grasp on how to deal with evil people, specially muslim extremists. Let Israel do what they're proven good at. 

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