Is McCarthy getting removed a bad thing for the GOP?

Is McCarthy getting removed a bad thing for the GOP?

Right now, the MAGA base, lead in the House by Gaetz and the like, believes they have achieved a solid victory by removing prior Speaker of the House Kevin McCarthy. Normally I would agree with them that McCarthy wasn't our best option BUT, here's the rest of the story that many don't realize. the left came in and helped unseat McCarthy by siding with Gaetz, the question is why? Because of the evil you know.

We knew McCarthy and his stances regarding Ukraine and the like, we also knew he didn't release the J6 tapes as promised, or even made efforts to reduce the national deficit. What we don't know, and what Gaetz failed to do, was leave a pathway forward and unite the House GOP behind a single candidate. No one has been nominated. Right now, the deciding votes will come from the democrats being republicans will -not- be uniting behind a singular nomination. What do democrats have to do? Sit back and eventually vote in favor of a more liberal republican they can work with. 

The only other option is a straight party vote for the republican nominee, which even the House election McCarthy won wasn't just him running. 

So, while we think this might be a victory against RINO's, this could open the door to having a more liberal-like Speaker of the House.

One other detail to take note of is Gaetz is eying a possible Florida Gubernatorial run in 2026. Gaetz can take this as his spear headed victory in taking down "the" House RINO while capitalizing off of the MAGA voting base in Florida. Another interesting point is Trump endorsed McCarthy and Gaetz has now went against a Trump endorsement. Will this explode in his face with Floridian MAGA voters?

Above all, as it stands, the House has no speaker and no pathway forward. Gaetz potentially started a fire that he cannot contain. The GOP is now further divided, and I should also mention that Representative Boebert voted in favor of keeping McCarthy. 


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