Will Trump undermine big tech?

Trump moves to take on big tech.

According to the Feb 21st app release date, Truth Social, Trump moves to take on big tech by launching his own style of social media. Since the removal of the 45th President from Twitter, and being censored across the board of big tech conglomerates, Trump has the ability, and fiscal support, to counterbalance the scales of big tech competition.

The biggest concern is to what level will this app enforce its own TOS’s? How strict will those TOS’s be? Many businesses, and business owners such as myself, are watching with hopeful thoughts that this new platform will allow advertising from companies that Facebook has deemed as too dangerous. The sale of firearms, CBD related things, and much more are prohibited on big tech platforms. It would be in Trump’s best interest to open the flood gates and lure large business owners to pay for their ads on his platform, thus pulling away people from the various other socials that clearly target anyone wanting to to be left the hell alone.

One concern I have is how will Apple let this app fly in their app store if they’ve already taken down Parler and the like for not having strict enough TOS’s and moderation policy, which in the end crippled the exploding app. Will these same rules apply to Truth Social? We’re waiting and watching to see if Trump has a plan to avoid the Apple platform, but from the looks of it, it would appear he isn’t. Does this mean he has previously negotiated a deal with Apple prior to the app launch?

One small Easter egg you can find is on the apple apps page. One of the screens of the soon to be launched app clearly shows a bearded man with the name “Jack” clearly getting flustered about someone’s content, and calling for his moderation team to remove it. A shot at Jack, previous part owner of Twitter? It wouldn’t surprise me in the slightest.

Another worry many have is will this app simply be an echo chamber for the right, as FB and IG are for the left? It’s a solid concern but the one thing that would counter this is not as strict moderation and TOS as the others. It will lure even the left over to a platform that allows for dissenting opinions to be vocalized. If Trump was smart, enable it to where it can do podcast hosting and pull Joe Rogan on over. Steal the large money makers from under the other big tech giant’s noses and throw it in their face.

No matter, I’ll be on there when it launches to see what happens. Hopefully we have some form of relief from the incredibly ignorant, and flat out moronic, fascist backed apps that are currently eliminating dissenting voices at an alarming rate. Case and point, my own verified Instagram that was banned some two weeks ago. The new one is here though https://www.instagram.com/johnburk11b/. I’m like a roach; I’m not going away that easily.

John Burk

John Burk

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