Whoopi vs Roseanne

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ABC suspended Whoopi for two weeks, but what they didn’t do was FIRE her as ABC did with Roseanne Barr.

As you’ve seen in the news, Whoopi made some pretty ignorant statements regarding the holocaust, and as a result, the world is now in a tailspin over ignorance.

So then, why the different treatment?

-Roseanne and Whoopi are both women, so misogyny can’t be the reason.

-Whoopi is a vocal liberal, but prior host Meghan Mccain was not, so it cannot be political alignment.

All that is left is glaring issue many won’t acknowledge, Whoopi is black. Talk about your black privilege. “Well John, it can’t be that because it doesn’t exist!” According to liberal definitions, white privilege boils down to your life being made easier and having access to opportunities your normally wouldn’t if you weren’t white. Well then, what would you call this?

Tune in to the show and listen to John break down this topic and go far more in depth.

John Burk

John Burk

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