Turns out that “Russian disinfo” about biolabs in Ukraine was true

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The propaganda in the west seems to reach more hysterical highs (or lows depending on your perspective) every day. Any and all concerns about our establishment or current administration are swept aside as “Russian disinformation”. This has occurred for a while (remember almost all social media and media going along with the lie that the Hunter Biden laptop story was Russian disinformation which resulted in the story being censored right before the election, only to later find out it was true?) but seems to be escalating.

As propaganda from all sides pours out into the world about the Russia/Ukraine conflict, more and more blatant propaganda is being released and parroted even more blindly by even more institutions.

Case in point. Early on with Russia’s invasion, many people were discussing on social media that Russia was allegedly targeting US backed bio labs in Ukraine. This was quickly dismissed as, you guessed it, “Russian disinformation”.

Left wing propaganda outlet (ahem i mean fact checker, but i repeat myself) Snopes decided to debunk this claim as Russian disinformation.


Notice in particular this part of their article, regarding a twitter thread made by user @WarClandestine

“In February 2022, during the invasion of Ukraine, this false rumor started trending on Twitter after @WarClandestine posted a thread claiming that a map of Russia’s missile attacks lined up with the locations of these biolabs:”

Regardless if the specific claims made by this user were 100 percent accurate or not, the official narrative was that it could all be dismissed as “Russian disinformation”. Besides, if it was true, surely the main stream media would have reported on it. Right? RIGHT?

Then the completely expected occurred on March 8. Under Secretary of State Victoria Nuland, famed for helping a virtual coup and installing Poroshenko as Ukraine’s president in 2014, was being asked about these biolab rumors in congress.

Here was her response.


Wait what? Turns out Ukraine does have biolabs, and turns out Nuland is saying yes, its true that it seems Russia is targeting these labs, and the US is consulting with Ukraine on how to defend them.

So much for that “Russian disinformation”, huh.

How would the USA feel if it seemed Mexico was collaborating with an enemy like Russia or China to have biolabs that possible had serious biological agents right next to our border?

And kudos to that twitter user, @WarClandestine.

He was discussing this and being smeared (it appears his twitter handle has been taken down) well before it was admitted by the Biden administration. Maybe he didnt have all of the details right, but the thrust of what he was discussing turns out to be true. Instead of our media looking in to this, they acted as the propagandists they are and smeared these questions as Russian disinformation.

Here is a link to his entire thread, which shows that XI and Putin have been accusing the USA of spreading dangerous bio weapon labs all over Ukraine and the world for over a year now.


Check out my video on this.



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