This V-day, spice up the bedroom with a little help from us.

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Unsure what to get your loved one this V-day? Roses getting old? Chocolate candies too cliche? Why not get her an intense sexual experience? Yeah, I’m not joking. Don’t get her/him the same old same old mundane gifts to show your love. Try Delta-8! What is it? Well, if you have to get drug tested, stop reading because this will make you fail a drug test being it contains high levels of THC, and yes, its 100% legal in most states.

“What in the ever loving shit is that!?” Good question! To know what it actually is, read more here that elaborates even further and in far more detail:

So now that you know what it is, assuming you weren’t too lazy to read, GRAB HER A BUNDLE DEAL FROM SHELL SHOCK! We’re running a special Valentine’s day deal for all of the lovers out there to jump in on. Well, why Delta-8? Because what many of you don’t know is that Delta-8 makes sex TEN TIMES BETTER! No, I’m not kidding. Feel yourself mellow and relax. Music sounds better. Food tastes better. Sex FEELS better. It puts you into a mood of calm relaxation.

We offer bundle deals from Delta-8 chocolate, to your favorite kind of chips that also contain Delta-8!

John Burk

John Burk

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