Top three liberals that should have been canceled, but weren’t.

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Oh yeah, I said it. If we’re in the habit of canceling people based off of what they’ve said in the past, Im genuinely interested in seeing why these top three liberal voices weren’t silence, or even called into question why they did what they did.

Howard Stern.

Mr. radio Maverick himself sure did do a 180 in his old age. For a man who once stood for free speech and taking radio to a realm that many thought to be disgusting, he sure has liberal washed himself and tried to side with the very same party that has selective outrage. Stern parodied Ted Danson and Whoopi Goldberg’s controversial 1993 performance, in which Danson also wore blackface. Stern’s skit makes multiple allusions to the Danson/Goldberg performance in a satirical fashion. The most shocking part, though, is that Stern wears a blackface and repeatedly uses racist and offensive language. Where is the cancel mod for this clown? He’s also very vocal about canceling Rogan or his podcast. Talk about a hypocrite.

Jimmy Kimmel

If there was ever a person that Covid should have taken out, it was this crying little late night liberal apologist. Kimmel stands on his platform night after night pandering to the leftist crowd when he used to be one of the most outspoken misogynists on TV. I’m old enough to remember The Man show, where large breasted women were paraded around by Kimmel and his cohosts, as well as guest hosts, so that everyone might enjoy gawking over a nice set of fake double D’s while also having a beer. Well, Kimmel certainly went ultra woke but before that, his skit where he takes aim at basketball player Karl Malone as well as The Oprah show by also using blackface certainly warrants him being canceled. After all, liberal standards are cancel anyone that did anything remotely wrong in the history of mankind. So, why is he still on TV? Rest assured Kimmel, this will not soon be forgotten.

Ralph Northam

That’s right. Ex Virginia governor worse blackface, was caught, pretended it wasn’t him, then apologized for it. He even refused to reign from office when he was busted for his thought crime form years ago. Instead of being canceled, he pandered to the left by standing up for abortion rights and even went as far as believing it was ok to still abort a baby even after it had left the womb. Again, another person that Covid should have ridded us of because quite honestly, anyone that is ok with aborting an already born babe doesn’t deserve to live, in my humble opinion.

Well, there you have it. My top three loud mouth loony liberals that should be canceled according to the metrics the liberals use on conservatives. Wont happen though, because liberals are constant in their hypocrisy.

Check out my podcast here and give it a listen.

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