The Army now removing those who refuse to get vaccine.

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In a statement made by the Army Wednesday, they will now be forcing out any who refuse to comply with the vaccine mandates that have now been forced upon them. In a memo published by the Army, it is clear where they stand regarding supporting the choice of their soldiers choosing not to get vaccinated.

The memo can be read here:

“But John, didn’t they sign up and receive other vaccinations as well?” Yes, this is true, but what they didn’t sign up for was an experimental vaccine that clearly hasn’t done much of anything to stop, or even slow, the spread of Covid. If new soldiers are told that this is the requirement BEFORE enlisting, that is one thing. For them to now demand soldiers bend the knee to a vaccine that still hasn’t been FDA approved, that technically goes outside of what they signed up for.

Of course, people will say it’s a lawful order. That remains to be seen because the Army had no problem ordering us to use burn pits that are now causing high levels of cancer throughout the veteran ranks. Read more here:

So where do we go from here? It’s simply put, you wait out the next administration change and then enlist under a new president that removes these mandates. Until then, you either bend the knee to this clear display of Army leadership selling out their troops, or you give them a big middle finger as you sign your DD-214.


John Burk

John Burk

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