Russian units move into attack positions at Ukraine border.

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As reported by CBS news, Russia is now moving into attack positions with their artillery and other various units. Read more here: Russian units near Ukraine moved into “attack positions,” U.S. official says – CBS News

As it stands now, Biden has warned Putin that if this attack happens, and they’re saying it looks like Russia will attack by the end of this week, that the US will respond. Why is this our war? Why is Biden getting us involved in a conflict that doesn’t concern us? I wasn’t aware we were the world police regarding militaristic issues within the European continent?

If Biden would have boosted up NATO support, even though that organization is worthless, it would set America up as a backer of the UN vs us being out in front as we always are.

Do American’s really feel like we should dedicate ourselves to this potential conflict? Listen to more on today’s podcast show.

John Burk

John Burk

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