Rumble makes an open offer to Joe Rogan

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Rumble has thrown their hat into the ring on competing for Rogan to come over fully to their platform. In a public statement made today by the company CEO, Rumble has put 100 million on the table for Rogan to consider. See their statement below.

This is a BRILLIANT move by Rumble because twofold: if they secure Rogan, they secure growing their platform exponentially, and if Rogan refuses, they still get massive press on this move and still grow their platform, although not as much if Rogan agreed to come over.

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To hear more, check out the AASS podcast going even further into this topic and making some hard hitting points about the black community being a protected class that no one wants to talk about. The episode is below and entitled; “The war on the N word.”

John Burk

John Burk

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