Real inflation up over 30% since Biden took office

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By Rob Noerr

The current inflation numbers show its up 8.66 year of year. But if we look back, we can see its even worse because Biden’s inflation in May 2021 year of year was 5%. We are told these are the worst numbers in 41 years. But actually its far worse than that. Because the way we calculate inflation has changed, if we used the metrics that we did 41 years ago, we can see actual inflation is up over 30% since Biden took office.

You can see on the second chart shown on this page just how bad real inflation using the 1980 metric actually is.

Who can afford a 30% increase in everything in a two year span? Well wealthy liberal elites can. The rest of us, not so much.

As Biden and his media allies blame everything from Putin to shipping companies for the economic disaster, real people are becoming desperate.

Consumers are resorting to paying bills with credit cards, which won’t end well. April saw the second highest month ever for credit card spending, with $17.8 billion in April. . The highest ever, the previous month of March.

The lockdowns, the spending, the money printing and the war on energy; all of this was designed by our establishment, particularly the Democrats.

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