re Ukraine: The working class is tired of sacrificing for the elites

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Written by Rob Noerr

The situation in the Ukraine is tragic. No one who is remotely a decent person wants people to die in war. Anytime a country is invaded it is horrific for all people involved. I wish the conflict would end today, with no more death, and the people of Ukraine would retain independence and have a government that they chose to represent themselves.

I live in rural Pennsylvania, and have been here my whole life. I’m 37 years old. I’ve watched the steady economic decline of my area for decades. I seen homes being vacated, shops closing, drugs become more prevalent as people turn to them as poverty increases. I’ve seen families break up, suicides increase, factories close. This story of rural America and the struggles it faces aren’t only in my town, it’s all over the country.

I also understand that all communities, be they rural urban, wealthy, poor, or any other metric you look at have struggles, many of which are unique to those areas.

But what i see in my community is that not only does anyone with any sort of power do anything about the problems we face, they show they literally don’t care. In fact, when it comes to the prevailing political and cultural voices, its seems rural America is viewed with contempt. Deplorables that cling to their guns and bibles, ten toothed rubes who are fearful of change or different cultures. They should just all learn to code!

The past two years have been hard. In Pennsylvania, our governor Tom Wolf told people who wanted to go to work and not be locked down that they were cowards, and he may take away their license to operate a business if they violated his lockdowns. Of course a few weeks after saying this, Wolf violated his own lockdown to attend a BLM rally.

The already declining situation became worse; more poverty, more depression. All the while, the elites told these communities that they needed to sacrifice more. “It might be tough, but we all need to sacrifice to beat Covid!” Only it wasn’t everyone sacrificing, at least not in the same ways.

The elites could go to restaurants, they could go on vacation. Meanwhile the working class people i Knew were stuck at home, wondering how they were going to pay the bills next week. Their kids were not allowed to go to school, so many parents who have to have mom and dad work to make ends meet couldn’t go to work as they had to stay home with their kids. Their kids were masked at school. They couldn’t go see their loved ones in nursing homes, and many sadly weren’t there as their parents and grandparents died scared and alone in these facilities. Once they died, they couldn’t even have a proper funeral. Meanwhile democrats held lavish funerals attended by huge groups for members of their own elite class like John Lewis.

If you voiced your concern at the fact that it was the working class sacrificing most, you were told you wanted grandma to die. Then the very people saying that forced nursing homes to accept covid patients, which caused grandma to die.

Small businesses died as wealthy corporations with lobbyists thrived. The wealthy could afford halting the economy, the working class could not. The stories are endless of the pain people went through, all the while the elite that don’t live paycheck to paycheck blamed the very working class for their own plight. “You need to make medical decisions we want, or you should be fired! You need to sacrifice more!”

Now the science has changed. Midterms are coming up, so all the sudden covid isn’t a big deal. Pay no attention to this though. Don’t bring up the hypocrisy, the authoritarianism, the disastrous policies of the elite during covid. They weren’t wrong when the censored you for things they now say. THE SCIENCE HAS CHANGED!

Besides, covid was small potatoes. The only issue in the world that matters now is Russia and Ukraine. Sorry working class Americans that barely got by for the past two years. You need to sacrifice more. You can’t focus on putting food on the table for your kids, that’s greedy and selfish. Nope, you need to focus on hating Putin, and paying more for gas and energy and food and shelter and so much more; because that will help fight Putin.

If you question the stories all coming out in unison by almost every outlet in the west, you must be on the side of Putin they say. If your concerned about rising gas prices, you are aiding Putin! Millionaire Stephen Colbert summed it up, he’s willing to pay a few dollars more a gallon for gas, because it gives him a clean conscience. He said he’d pay $15 a gallon! Besides, if the poor people in my community would just shell out $50,000 for a Tesla, then it wouldn’t be a problem!

Many talk about sending weapons, or a no fly zone. This would possibly bring us into a hot war with a nuclear armed superpower. But the elites don’t care, that’s the point of it all. The working class suffering isn’t an unfortunate side effect, its the point. “You’ll own nothing and like it!” A recent poll showed that the poorer an American was, the less likely they were to support boots on the ground in Ukraine. The wealthy were far more for it. Why wouldn’t they be, they aren’t the ones who would be doing the fighting. Time for the poor and working class to sacrifice more!

Enough is enough. It’s time for the wealthy, the elites, the ivory tower class to leave us alone, or start doing the sacrificing themselves. If they are so concerned about Ukraine, hop on a plane and get to fighting. Our government should be focused on America, and whats good for its people, all of them. Not just the beltway class.

I don’t know how this situation in Ukraine will end. WW3? A new Cold War? But I do know this, eventually the narrative will change to the next biggest crisis in the history of the world, and we will be asked to not think about the double standard or things that went wrong or the propaganda that was told about the Ukraine conflict. Whatever that next crisis will be, i guarantee the establishment narrative will be that its time to make sacrifices. And once more the overwhelming brunt of the sacrifices will be on the shoulders of the working class.

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