Obama has Covid. I thought he was safe because he is “sophisticated”

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by Rob Noerr

There are a lot of people I don’t really care for in politics (ie almost all of them). Despite this, I legitimately don’t wish any serious illness on anyone. With that in mind, upon hearing that former President Obama has Covid, I wish him a speedy recovery in all sincerity.

The story came as a huge surprise to me though. Remember back to August of 2021. Dr. Fauci and the media was busy telling us that bike rallies and college football games occurring outdoors were going to be “superspreader events”. Around this time, Obama decided he was going to have a huge birthday bash. So it was to no ones surprise at all, that like we have seen over and over again, when the elites or left wing people want to travel, shop, have parties, eat at restaurants and a litany of other things they say us common folk couldn’t do because Covid, it was deemed ok.

The reason we were told that it was ok for Obama to have this party while the rest of us were still told we had to social distance was very enlightening. We we’re told it was because Obama and his wealthy friends were a “sophisticated, vaccinated crowd”


So I must say, I was slightly shocked when perhaps the most sophisticated man in the country, Barack Obama, contracted Covid. Maybe being “sophisticated” wasn’t the cure to Covid we were all told it was?

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