Companies virtue signal by banning Russia. What about China?

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Recently a slew of companies have been proud to take to media and other places to announce that they will no longer be doing business with Russia because of the ongoing situation in Ukraine. Nike, Netflix, Dell, and Microsoft are among the many companies that have announced suspending sales or services to Russia in the past week.

I support private businesses making whatever decisions they like in these sorts of issues. Its not so much that they are doing this that stuck out to me, its what these same companies are not doing that stood out.

China is integral to many of these companies bottom line, and yet there has been little to know refusal of services to China for their terrible abuses. Alleged internment of Uighur Muslims, possibly creating and certainly lying about Covid, which could have led to many deaths, treatment of protestors in Hong Kong, and so much more has occurred only recently or is still ongoing. Not only did these same companies not boycott China, most of them actually capitulate.

Hollywood studios force actors to apologize for even discussing Taiwan

Tech companies help China censor information critical of the Chinese government.

The reality is these companies are not “stunning or brave” by boycotting Russia. They don’t really care human rights abuses from Russia, if they did they would boycott China as well. These companies care about virtue signalling because they think it will help their bottom line, period. If they made as much money from Russia as they did China, they would take the Lebron James approach and ignore or claim ignorance of the abuses of Russia.

So in the end, I don’t care these companies are proudly telling us how great they are for boycotting Russia. But make no mistake, this is just more self serving propaganda that we see so much of.

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