BLM bails out black socialist that attempted to murder white democratic mayoral candidate.

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Black Lives Matter (BLM) Louisville defended bailing out Quintez Brown, who “allegedly” (aiming a gun and firing multiple times at someone is alleged I suppose) attempted to assassinate Democrat mayoral candidate Craig Greenberg. Yes, that’s right, a would-be black assassin that attempted to kill a white man was released on bail prior to his trial on a 100k bond that was paid for by the donated funds of the local BLM chapter.

That’s exactly what I’d want my money donated to; an organization that bails out would-be killers based only on the premise of their skin color. Once more, we see the roots of the cancerous Marxist BLM movement standing for black privilege and favoritism, NOT justice.

Rather than post the series of tweets the BLM chapter tweeted in poor defense of their soon to be hero, I’ll simply link you the twitter page and let your mind find the nearest cliff to jump off of after reading such ignorance.

After having gone through their series of tweets, one really jumped off the page at me that I could only roll my eyes at seeing the insane levels of hypocrisy.

Make no mistake, this BLM chapter is one group that shows what’s at the true underbelly of this grift. White liberals throwing money at this organization as a means of purifying their unholy racists hearts so their black saviors will forgive them is a pretty intelligent grift. Why not? Make money off of stupid people. Politicians do it, and it’s not like it’s my money. Go to town.

And the best part? Quinzet used a pistol in the attempted assassination. Feel free to take a gander at this article that he himself wrote after accusing republicans of not caring about people’s lives being they support connotational carry. The hypocrisy is so thick you could imprison it and then bail it out with donated funds made using race as your grift. Oh wait….

John Burk

John Burk

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