‘Controlled Opposition’: Trump Sons Slam DeSantis for Refusal To Fight Father’s Arrest

Eric Trump and Donald Trump Jr., the 45th President’s eldest sons, have criticized Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis for downplaying reports that their father will be arrested on Tuesday. Leading the potential move to arrest the former president is Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg, who reportedly received roughly $1 million from globalist liberal billionaire financier George […]

Biden May Use Economic Crash To Replenish Strategic Oil Supply He Depleted

The Biden administration is apparently weighing a decision to purchase more oil to refill the U.S. Strategic Petroleum Reserve as prices get cheaper in the wake of fears over banking industry instability.
Futures for front-month WTI Crude sank to roughly three-month lows after news of SBV Financial Group’s collapse triggered significant market sell offs that reportedly “leaked into the oil markets.”
Prices saw a massive run since Biden took office due to his administration’s green energy regulations and traded at 13-year highs when the Russia-Ukraine conflict kicked into high gear.

In June of 2022, Americans at the pump were paying an average of at least $5.00 per gallon for gas. According to data published by the American Automobile Association (AAA), the price of gas currently costs $3.46 per gallon, almost a dollar down from last year’s average of $4.31.

— zerohedge (@zerohedge) March 16, 2023

In addition to concerns over SBV, Credit Suisse stock dropped about 30% this week in a development that has contributed to increasing fears over global economic stability. Oil futures are now at levels unseen since 2021, Investing.com reports.

From March to November of 2022, Biden released 180 million barrels of oil from the strategic reserve while prices were high, Valiant News previously reported. Notably, 45th President Donald Trump had made efforts to fill the reserve while the price of oil was much cheaper during his administration.
President Joe Biden delivers remarks on the soul of the nation, Thursday, September 1, 2022, at Independence Square in Philadelphia. (Official White House Photo by Adam Schultz)
“As OPEC+ cut supply and prices rose, the Biden administration tapped reserves to help Americans avoid paying high prices, and it’s looking like the timing was spot on. With prices in freefall, it’s possible that Biden will buy more oil to stockpile American reserves in an effort to mitigate future prices at the pump if something sparks a reversal in oil prices, and we trend back toward the extremely high prices we saw last year,” Benzinga reported.

CNBC’s Brian Sullivan reported that the Biden administration purchased another two million barrels for the reserve at the end of last year, but noted that prices would need to stay low for an extended period of time if the president wants to capitalize on the situation.
“OPEC won’t let oil sit in this price for long. Not with global banking contagion fears spreading,” he Sullivan said.
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‘Terrible Safety’: Florida Surgeon General Says Vaxxed ‘More Likely’ to Catch Virus After 7 Months

Florida Surgeon General Joseph Ladapo on Thursday criticized COVID-19 vaccine effectiveness and safety and claimed that vaccinated individuals are “more likely” to catch the virus after 7 months compared to unvaccinated individuals.
“These [COVID-19] vaccines have a terrible safety profile. At this point in the pandemic, I’m not sure anyone should be taking them. And that is the honest truth. I don’t think anyone probably should be taking them. They have a terrible safety profile,” said Ladapo.
The state official then slammed the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) for consistently denying “the truth” about COVID-19, masks, vaccines for young children, and other “low value divisive policies” and ignoring studies that rebuked their narrative.

JUST IN: Florida Surgeon General Joseph Ladapo declares mRNA COVID-19 vaccines have a “terrible safety profile”
“I’m not sure anyone should be taking them […] They have a terrible safety profile.” pic.twitter.com/kP3zBP3PXv
— Florida’s Voice (@FLVoiceNews) March 16, 2023

“You look at these studies of the mRNA COVID-19 vaccines, there was a study published a few weeks ago in a journal called Lancet, a journal that’s well-known, I should say, and what did these authors show?” Ladapo said.
“They showed that after 7 months the protection for infection, it started around, I don’t know, around 70 percent — down, down, down, at 7 months it hops on to the other side of the axis. So it is negative. And that continues, and the magnitude of that negativity increases over time,” he said.

While it is unclear which specific study Ladapo was referencing, one study published by The Lancet medical journal from last February appears to have similar findings.
According to the study, a second dose of the primary series of the COVID-19 vaccine was around 90% effective for about two months, before rapidly declining to below -20% in just 9 months.
Risk of infection, hospitalisation, and death up to 9 months after a second dose of COVID-19 vaccine: a retrospective, total population cohort study in Sweden – The Lancet (26 February–4 March 2022)

“The findings from this study show there was a progressive waning vaccine effectiveness of BNT162b2 against SARS-CoV-2 infection of any severity, with no vaccine effectiveness detected from 7 months onwards,” the study states, adding that the findings may make the case for additional booster injections.
Ladapo went on to state that it is a “fact” that vaccinated individuals become more likely to catch COVID-19 after 7 months post-vaccination when compared to those who never took the jabs.
“It literally means that the people who received that vaccine were more likely to contract COVID-19 after 7 months than the people who did not. That is a fact. Has the CDC or the FDA ever said a word about that? No!”

Federal health officials, major pharmaceutical manufacturers,  and mainstream media pundits insist the jabs are safe and effective and encourage everyone to take them.
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Trump Vows to Break ‘Globalist Neocon Establishment’ Before Ukraine Sparks ‘Nuclear Armageddon’

45th President Donald Trump on Thursday released a new “Agenda 47” video for his 2024 campaign, wherein he promised to dismantle the “globalist neocon establishment” before the Ukraine war escalates into “nuclear Armageddon.”
“We have never been closer to World War 3 then we are today under Joe Biden. A global conflict between nuclear armed powers would mean death and destruction on a scale unmatched in human history. It would be nuclear armageddon,” said the former president.
“Nothing is more important than avoiding that nightmare. We will avoid it, but we need new leadership. Every day this proxy battle in Ukraine continues, we risk global war. We must be absolutely clear that our objective is to immediately have a total cessation of hostilities. All shooting has to stop,” President Trump said.

#AGENDA47: President Trump on the difference between the globalist establishment class, and those who are truly committed to stopping the Ukraine war and dismantling the entire neo-con nation-building industrial complex in Washington.
“We need PEACE without delay!” pic.twitter.com/eLdMQ1WfTM
— Trump War Room (@TrumpWarRoom) March 16, 2023

The 45th President slammed permanent Washington for eroding American freedom and prosperity while embarking on decades-long foreign military endeavours, noting that crushing the deep state is the nation’s “central issue.”
“This is the central issue. We need peace without delay. In addition, there must also be a complete commitment to dismantle the entire globalist neocon establishment that is perpetually dragging us into endless wars, pretending to fight for freedom and democracy abroad, while they turn us into a third world country and a third world dictatorship right here at home,” said President Trump.

“The State Department, the defense bureaucracy, the intelligence services, and all of the rest, need to be completely overhauled and reconstituted to fire the deep staters and put America First. We have to put America First,” he added.
Trump White House Archived / Flickr
President Trump, if elected for a second term as president in 2024, aims to reevaluate NATO’s mission and purpose and focus on more important issues at home.

“Finally, we have to finish the process we began under my administration of fundamentally reevaluating NATO’s purpose and NATO’s mission. Our foreign policy establishment keeps trying to pull the world into conflict with a nuclear-armed Russia based on the lie that Russia represents our greatest threat. But the greatest to western civilization today is not Russia, it’s probably more than anything else ourselves, and some of the horrible USA-hating people that represent us,” said President Trump.
The former president pointed to the importance of border security, ending crime in American cities, raising fertility rates, and bolstering the nuclear family, and condemned “Godless” marxists who are obsessed with LGBTQ+ ideology, racism, and climate change.
Trump White House Archived / Flickr

“It’s the abolition of our national borders. It’s the failure to police our own cities. It’s the destruction of the rule of law from within. It’s the collapse of the nuclear family and fertility rates, like nobody can believe is happening,” said the 45th President.
“It’s the marxists who would have us become a Godless nation worshipping at the altar of race, and gender, and environment. And it’s the globalist class that has made us totally dependent on China and other foreign countries that basically hate us,” he said.
President Trump maintains that he is the only qualified candidate for president that can truly obliterate the globalist deep state.
“These globalists want to squander all of America’s strength, blood, and treasure, chasing monsters and phantoms overseas while keeping us distracted from the havoc they’re creating right here at home. These forces are doing more damage to America than Russia and China could ever have dreamed. Evicting this sick and corrupt establishment is the monumental task for the next president, and I’m the only one who can do it.”
While most conservatives understand “globalist” refers to powerful politicians and businessmen who favor policies that incentivize global economic interdependence that generally favors China and other developing countries, some on the left have claimed the term is anti-Semitic.

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‘Diplo,’ Who Stumped for Kamala, Says He’s Not Gay After Getting Oral From a Dude

Renowned music producer Diplo, who famously campaigned for Joe Biden during the 2020 presidential race, made the case for sexual flings between straight men.
Speaking to actress Emily Ratajkowski on her “High Low” podcast, Diplo admitted to having sexual relations with a man, but insisted that it wasn’t gay because the two men did not make eye contact.
“I’m sure I’ve gotten a blowjob from a guy before,” said Diplo, who was followed by Ratajkowski, who asked: “You’re sure that’s happened?” “Yeah,” the producer replied.

“And you just don’t remember? You’re not committing to it but you’re saying you’re sure it happened?” the podcast host asked.
“For sure,” Diplo said, adding “I don’t know if it’s gay unless you like make eye contact while there’s the blowjob happening.”

Diplo says he has gotten a blow job from a guy before but he’s not gay pic.twitter.com/L50oLIafKl
— No Jumper (@nojumper) March 15, 2023

The actress then claimed that Diplo’s remarks were “such a straight guy thing to say,” before the producer downplayed the gayness of his actions.
“Getting a blowjob’s not that gay, I think,” the producer added. “I think the best answer I have is I’m not not gay.” Thinking, Diplo added that “There are a couple guys… I could date, life partner-wise.”
Diplo campaigned for Joe Biden, who would later allegedly receive 81 million votes in the election, over the summer in 2020 for elderly politician’s “Get Up, Stand Up” virtual fundraiser that only raised $1 million and was attended by just 3,000 people.

The event was led by then-Senator Kamala Harris, with Diplo behind the “decks,” according to reports.
“Get Biden back in the White House,” Diplo reportedly said during the fundraiser. “We need your energy. We need you to mobilize.”
Two months later, the producer performed at the Democratic National Convention (DNC) afterparty in October, where Biden would officially accept his party’s nomination for president.

showing out for @JoeBiden and playing the #demconvention after party tomorrow night. sign up and come by https://t.co/WozSU9gw8I pic.twitter.com/e4YeFfYrk2
— diplo (@diplo) August 19, 2020

“Showing out for @JoeBiden and playing the #demconvention after party tomorrow night, sign up and come by,” Diplo tweeted advertising the Democrat event.

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Jussie Smollett’s Fake ‘Attackers’ Reenact ‘MAGA Country’ Hoax In Mocking Tribute

The Osundairo brothers, two men who were paid by “Empire” actor Jussie Smollett in 2019 to stage the actor’s infamous “MAGA country” hate crime hoax, recently teamed up with Fox Nation to reenact the scene in a comedic tribute.
Smollett was sentenced to 150 days in jail in March of last year for staging a race and sexual orientation-based attack against himself, in an ordeal that captured the attention of far left Democrats and mainstream media pundits before it was revealed to be entirely staged with the help of brothers Abimbola and Olabinjo Osundairo.
In the Fox Nation documentary, the two brothers returned to the scene of the hate crime hoax and recalled how first contacted Smollett.

The Osundairo brothers were hired men for a con created to dupe America. They share what they were instructed to do the night of the staged attack on Jussie Smollett. https://t.co/jvWwGloz8k #FoxNation #JussieSmollett #AnatomyOfAHoax pic.twitter.com/3uOEHLFSoN
— Fox Nation (@foxnation) March 13, 2023

“We had no phones because [Smollett] did not want us to bring any phones. He said so we don’t lose them. I don’t know if that’s really the reason, but you can deduce your own reason,” said one of the brothers.
After Smollett left his building right down the street, the brothers explained, they shouted “Let’s go” and began their staged assault.

“We gotta go get this Empire f*ggot. Yeah, that’s him. That’s him. Is that him? That’s that n**gger. It’s that n**gger. Get that n**gger. Oh, he’s moving fast! C’mon, let’s get him! Get that n**gger. Let’s get him!” the two brothers reenacted as they walked down the sidewalk.
As the two crossed the street, they yelled “hey!” to get the actors attention before they started yelling the famous slurs that Smollett paid them to say.
“Hey! Aren’t you that Empire f*ggot n**gger? It’s MAGA country!” they said.

[embedded content]
“Then he said ‘what did you say to me?’ and that’s when I threw the first punch at him. I held the blow because I didn’t want to hurt him of course. So I made it look real, but I held it. Then we started tustlin’, movin’ around and then I threw him to the ground. He wanted to look like he fought back. That was very important for him,” they said.

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House GOP Targets Hunter Biden, CCP-Linked $3 Million Wire Transfer

House Republicans going after the foreign business dealings of Hunter Biden, the son of President Joe Biden, have discovered that the First Son may have been involved in a CCP-linked money laundering ordeal.
Speaking to Fox News host Sean Hannity, Rep. James Comer said that the CCP-linked cash may have been dished out to three members of the Biden family after being wired through the bank account of Robinson “Rob” Walker, one of Hunter’s former associates.
The revelations come after Rep. Comer subpoenaed bank records of Walker and two other of Hunter’s business associates.

“We got [Walker’s] account. We confirmed that that account around 2 months after Joe Biden left the office of Vice President received a 3 million dollar wire from two individuals directly associated with the Chinese Communist Party. The very next day after that wire was received, the Walker account started transfering money into three different Biden family member accounts,” said Rep. Comer.

? 2 weeks ago, I subpoenaed bank records for 3 Hunter Biden business associates.
One of the associates, Rob Walker, was wired millions from CCP connected individuals. He then sent money to 3 Biden family members.
What were they doing in return for the cash?
I will find out. pic.twitter.com/Mn5mT3NuAH
— Rep. James Comer (@RepJamesComer) March 14, 2023

According to separate reports, including the extensively detailed Hunter Biden Laptop Report published by watchdog group Marco Polo, Hunter Biden may have laundered the CCP-linked money through Walker.
“Hunter used Rob for facilitating payments, including and especially illegal ones, that Hunter did not want to be tied to directly,” the Marco Polo report states, citing email correspondence found on the First Son’s infamous “laptop from Hell.”
Hunter Biden Laptop Report – SOURCE: Marco Polo

“Rob’s shell company received $6 million from a CCP-linked firm, State Energy HK Limited, one month after Joe [Biden] left the vice presidency.”
“A U.S. Senate report described it as such: ‘[O]n February 23, 2017, and March 1, 2017, a Shanghai-based company called State Energy HK Limited sent two wires, each in the amount of $3,000,000, to a bank account for Robinson Walker LLC.’ A Suspicious Activity Report (SAR) noted that it ‘[wa]s unclear what the true purpose is behind these transactions and who the ultimate beneficiary is.’”

In brief, Hunter laundered money through Walker’s bank account and emailed Walker days before a $3 million wire from the CCP-linked firm hit Walker’s account: ‘Can you do another 20 to my account pls’[email protected]://t.co/NxeO18QDk8 pic.twitter.com/VmmRa26yOh
— UngaTheGreat (@UngaTheGreat) March 14, 2023

“In short, Hunter laundered money through Walker’s bank account and emailed Walker days before a $3 million wire from YE’s company hit Walker’s account,” the report states.

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VIDEO: Drew Barrymore Kneels Before Dylan Mulvaney, Biden’s Favorite Trans Woman

Famous actress Drew Barrymore has come under fire from conservative women for “degrading” the gender by kneeling before Dylan Mulvaney, the transgender woman who drew the admiration of Joe Biden’s White House last year.
On a recent episode of Barrymore’s talk show, the actress dropped on her knees before the biological male while discussing the concept of transgenderism, and Mulvaney’s newly found womanhood.
“The greatest weapon I can contribute is trans joy and comedy and talking about hard subjects and really intricate moments of a transition, and try to let everybody in to see that I’m not a monster,” Mulvaney explained to Barrymore. “I’m not somebody that is anything but trying to be myself and be happy.”

“It’s interesting because I look at someone like you and I can’t imagine anybody disliking you,” Mulvaney said. Barrymore replied, “Oh, please. Do you want to know, ironically, who dislikes me the most sometimes? Myself.”

Drew Barrymore has been an embarrassment for years.
Now she’s kneeling to the man that is making a mockery of the entire female gender. Incredible. pic.twitter.com/n8wbJCHT7f
— Savanah Hernandez (@sav_says_) March 14, 2023

Liberals online hailed the interview as a “compassionate” moment between the woman and her transgender counterpart.

“I love what Drew Barrymore has brought to her talk show and it was lovely to see her and Dylan Mulvaney chatting on her show. These two are just big bright balls of positive energy,” tweeted transgenderism advocate Chrystal Williams.

I love what Drew Barrymore has brought to her talk show and it was lovely to see her and Dylan Mulvaney chatting on her show.
These two are just big bright balls of positive energy. ❤️ pic.twitter.com/FArWus8Ozz
— Chrystal Williams ?️‍? ?️‍⚧️ (@ChrystalWRox) March 14, 2023

Some conservative women viewed Barrymore’s kneel before the biological man as “degrading” for regular women.

Drew Barrymore and Dylan Mulvaney. A woman kneeling in front of a man. How degrading. How anti-woman. Remember, transgenderism is a religious ideology so worshipping the idol makes sense in a twisted way. pic.twitter.com/5WcX6qhg9N
— Liz Wheeler (@Liz_Wheeler) March 14, 2023

“Drew Barrymore and Dylan Mulvaney. A woman kneeling in front of a man. How degrading. How anti-woman. Remember, transgenderism is a religious ideology so worshipping the idol makes sense in a twisted way,” tweeted conservative podcast host Liz Wheeler. 
Mulvaney’s claim to fame came through his TikTok “girlhood” series; videos that showed what life as a “woman” was like for someone who just started transitioning.

The Tik Tok star’s videos got the attention of the Biden White House and ultimately resulted in Mulvaney visiting Washington to interview the president on his 222nd day of being a “woman.”

Day 222- talking to the president at the White House with @nowthis (interview goes live on Sunday Night!) #trans #whitehouse #nowthisnews
♬ Presidential Honors (Entrance of The President) – USMMA Band

“I get to sit down with Joe Biden with Now This News, and I get to ask him a few questions surrounding trans issues in the United States,” Mulvaney said in a TikTok advertising the presidential interview.
[embedded content]
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Court Docs Reveal Identity of Capitol Officer Who Pushed Jan 6 Protester to 3 Story Fall

Newly revealed court documents purportedly name U.S. Capitol Police officer Bryant Williams as the riot cop who famously shoved January 6 protester Derrick Vargo off a nearly three story high staircase during the 2021 Capitol riot, causing the citizen to suffer a fractured ankle and other injuries that required surgeries, plates, and screws to fix.
According to a report by journalist Stephen Horn, Williams was identified as the officer who shoved Vargo off the ledge off the West side of the Capitol building last month in court documents from United States of America v. Barry Bennet Ramey.
Man identified as Capitol Police Officer Bryant Williams (Stephen Horn Journalism / Locals)

Videos from January 6 show Vargo climbing the side of a staircase holding a flag as officers attempted to push protestors back, only for him to retreat just before being shoved off by a Capitol Police officer.
Vargo sustained numerous injuries and went unresponsive as he was carted off on a stretcher.

14:02 – The same Capitol Police officer severely injures a protester by pushing him off the middle landing of the NW staircase, ~2-3 story drop. The man has now identified himself as Derrick Vargo.pic.twitter.com/TWXbGy4POz
— Stephen Horn (@stephenehorn) January 6, 2023

According to Horn’s report, Williams was labeled a “victim” in the case against January 6 defendant Barry Bennet Ramey, who was accused and convicted of spraying a chemical agent at Williams and another officer.
Williams testified that he was suffering from visual impairment from Ramey’s chemical spray, adding that “everything started getting kind of blurry,” before he went to the Northwest staircase and shoved a non-violent Vargo off a three story ledge.

In an interview with investigative journalist Cara Castronuova following his devastating fall, Vargo accused the Capitol Police of “police brutality” and attempted murder.
“On January 6, I was a victim of Capitol Police brutality. They tried to murder me. Plain and simple. They did murder some other people, but they tried, and they didn’t get away with it with me. I’m the only one that was attempted to be murdered that can speak to the other four,” Vargo said.
Vargo explained that upon walking to the Capitol building, he noticed barriers missing and law enforcement pepper spraying protesters. He claimed that he was inspired by a protester who was waving an American flag on an elevated part of the scaffolding and decided to take a similar action by getting up on a ledge to wave his own Trump flag.

“I had my Trump flag and I decided I wanted to go up the side of the steps. I didn’t want to get in any confrontation cause I just wanted to wave my Trump flag up there, like the guy did with the American flag. That was very inspiring,” he said.

“So, I went up the side of the building, and as I’m grabbing on one of the cement blocks to get over, one of the officers shoved a pepper spray device and started spraying my face. At that point I was like, ‘okay, I want to wave my Trump flag. I don’t want to die.’ So I got up and started walking to the right, cause that was it, I’m not going to do it anymore. I’m not going to wave the flag. And as I’m going, officer takes both hands and shoves me right off the building.”
Vargo said in late February that he plans to sue U.S. Capitol Police for his injuries, attempted murder, and mental anguish.
“[Officer Williams] knows exactly where he was on that Capitol building. You know, he works there,” Vargo told The Epoch Times. “He’s not just a citizen. He works there. He knows how high up he is. He shoved me not with just one arm but two. That means he wanted me off of it. It was very intentional.”
“What do I think of what happened to me that day? Horrible. I mean, it’s attempted murder,” said Vargo.
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DeSantis ‘Ignores’ Jan 6 Prisoners and Wants ‘Nothing to Do’ With Them, Family Member Says

A family member of a January 6 prisoner that tragically committed suicide while incarcerated says that Florida Governor Ron DeSantis won’t help Capitol riot defendants.
Geri Perna, the aunt of January 6 protester Matthew Lawrence Perna, who died from suicide on February 25, 2022 while incarcerated by the Biden regime, accused the Florida governor of being silent in the face of political persecution and having “nothing to do with any of the [January 6 defendants] from his state.
“And there are more people in Florida than any other state who were arrested for January 6 and he ignores everyone of their calls,” Perna said of DeSantis.

Watch the clip on Spreely.video:

Perna committed suicide as he awaited sentencing charges for witness tampering, entering and remaining in a restrict building or grounds, and two counts of disorderly conduct.

“Matthew Lawrence Perna died on February 25, 2022 of a broken heart,” his family said in the protester’s obituary. “His community (which he loved), his country, and the justice system killed his spirit and his zest for life.”
On January 6, Perna entered the Capitol building through an open door that he did not damage, nor did he touch or steal any Capitol property. The election integrity supporter was also one of the protesters who stayed within the Capitol’s velvet ropes and took photos.

Perna’s obituary added that the pro-Trump protester went to Washington D.C. from Pennsylvania “to peacefully stand up for his beliefs” and listen to the former president’s speech. They added that he “immediately turned himself in” to the authorities upon discovering that he was wanted.
“For this act he has been persecuted by many members of his community, friends, relatives, and people who had never met him,” said the obituary. “The constant delays in hearings, and postponements dragged out for over a year. Because of this, Matt’s heart broke and his spirit died,” the obituary said.
In a show of support for those suffering under the Biden regime’s prosecution of January 6 protesters, 45th President Donald Trump and a group of 20 January 6 prisoners known as the “J6 Prison Choir” released a song titled “Justice For All.”

Donald J. Trump & #J6PC “ Justice for All” is #1 on iTunes.President Trump teamed up with imprisoned Jan. 6 defendants earlier this week to release a charity single titled “Justice for All.”The single features 20 men who are held in jail in Washington, D.C., singing the… https://t.co/fRs4ktCXcP pic.twitter.com/zKl85yCatc
— ꪻꫝể ꪻꫝể (@TheThe1776) March 11, 2023

The song is a rendition of the national anthem that includes clips of the former president reciting the Pledge of Allegiance, and has topped the charts on iTunes over the last few days.
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