Dallas DA goes after innocent cops protecting the city during BLM riots.

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On May 9th, 2020, the City of Dallas was lit on fire. It wasn’t just metaphorical fire. Squad cars were torched. Dumpsters burned. Shops were looted. Broken glass littered the concrete. Officers were attacked with bricks, frozen water bottles, and fireworks. 

Response teams of Officers from all over the city scrambled to return order to the calamity. 

Command and control was more like confusion and chaos. The chain of command was in disarray. Officers were surrounded. Clear orders were absent. 

The rioters won that night. A major Texas city was blindsided by the speed, surprise, and violence of action that broke out amongst the protesters; spurred on by the events in Minneapolis and the violence beginning to rock America at the cusp of that 2020 Summer. 

The next day, May 30th, the Thin Blue Line responded. 

I say we, because I was there. 

Our Chief at the time, U. Renee Hall, said over the radio that night, “we ain’t playin, and we ain’t gonna let them take over our streets. Hash tag, it’s on.”

It was the most motivational radio transmission I’ve ever heard.

We deployed all over the Central Business District, trying to prevent peaceful protestors from having their message hijacked by the acts of a relative minority of organized individuals who wanted to incite violence amongst the crowd. Over the course of the next three days, I stood amongst some of the finest men and women in blue that the world has ever known. 

Officers from Dallas and area departments braved the heat and the bricks, the scrutiny of the media, the baiters behind cameras, and those that wished to only do harm, to protect the First Amendment rights of the many, and the property of all. 

Despite our best efforts, there was violence.

Despite repeated warnings, there was violence.

Despite a heavy police presence, there was violence.

Despite the most restrained, professional, and safety-oriented response manageable, there was violence. 

And in the thousands of uses of force that happened, the violence inflicted on officers, the frozen water bottles, bricks, arson, barricades used and the absolute mayhem that ensued over the course of those nights – from downtown Dallas to the west end of the Margaret Hill Hunt Bridge – do you know how many protestors were injured? 


Two protestors were injured.

Two protestors amongst thousands. Amongst thousands of deployments of 40 MM foam rounds, pepper balls, CS gas, and physical takedowns.

You saw no videos of out of control police department beating back a victimized crowd with batons. You saw no evidence of a law enforcement agency out of control. 

What you saw was the effectiveness in stand off less lethal tools in dispersing rioters, resulting in the protection of life and property. You saw a body of law enforcement personnel under tremendous stress and scrutiny act with enormous restraint in the face of assaults and insults being simultaneously hurled towards us. 

And afterwards, you saw a liberal Dallas County District Attorney come after the very body of officers that protected his courthouse. 

Two years he spent seeking enough evidence to charge officers for anything he could for what went down those four days in 2020. He went to the public. He pleaded for video or witnesses so that he could prosecute the Police. 

He didn’t do that to seek charges on rioters who committed arson, assault, or vandalism. He didn’t do that to seek charges on looters.

No. He only went after cops.

And now, in an election year, he levels a of bevy of charges on two Dallas Police Officers who were doing their jobs under the most adverse of circumstances – labeling the less lethal tools used as defensive options to drive apart rioters and protestors who refused to disperse as “deadly weapons.”

And now two men are going to fight for their freedom for doing their jobs. Not because the process of what they did was wrong, or their decisions, or their intent – but because a liberal DA can make a name for himself by putting up pictures of the TWO rioters who were injured in four days and nights of violence that plagued our streets. 

Dallas DA John Creuzot

Law enforcement officers across this Nation swear an oath and risk bodily injury or death willingly. Every day, every night, they go out and Serve knowing they may not make it home. 

What they don’t sign up for, is the risk of incarceration and imprisonment for doing their jobs. 

Because in truth, from this side of the Thin Blue Line, it isn’t just two officers on trial for what happened those four days. It’s all of us. 

All of us who kissed our spouses and children goodbye, and braved the fear and uncertainty to stand on a line and saying, “not here. Not Dallas. Not on my watch.” 

All of us are on trial. 

For doing what you ask of us. Our duty. Your protection. 

You want to see what it looks like when the Police lay down on the job because it isn’t worth it anymore? 

Look to the violence in cities like Portland and Minneapolis. Los Angeles and New York. Chicago and Washington DC.

And if you want to see that happen in your own  City, then by all means, support liberal DA’s like John Creuzot. Celebrate the malicious prosecution of Officers like Ryan Mabry and Melvin Williams. 

In 2022, use your voice in the upcoming elections and VOTE for law and order in America. Vote to protect YOUR officers. 

Vote for candidates for District Attorney that stand for the prosecution of criminals and protection of society.

And for the love of God, if you live in Dallas County, Texas, vote AGAINST John “Let ‘em go” Creuzot; and STAND with Senior Corporal Ryan Mabry, and Mr. Melvin Williams. 

  • Written by: Officer Friendly

John Burk

John Burk

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